Continuous state-space modeling of switched electric networks

TitleContinuous state-space modeling of switched electric networks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsJatskevich, J., O. Wasynczuk, E. A. Walters, and C. E. Lucas
Conference NameControl Applications, 2000. Proceedings of the 2000 IEEE International Conference on
Pagination902 -907
Keywords24 pulse AC/DC power converter, AC-DC power convertors, automated state model generator, commutation, continuous state algorithm, continuous state-space modeling, high-pulse-count power supply, initial value problems, lumped parameter networks, lumped-parameter power-electronic-based systems, minimal state-space representation, network analysis, ODE solver re-initialisation, power electronics, simulation process, state variables transformation, state-space averaging, state-space methods, switched circuit simulations, switched electric networks, switched networks, system-level analysis

An automated state model generator (ASMG) is a tool for modeling and analysis of lumped-parameter power-electronic-based systems. In this modeling approach, the minimal state-space representation of the overall system is generated automatically and updated dynamically based upon the topological state of the system. However, due to the changing topology, simulation of a switched circuit using the ASMG requires the concatenation of solutions to the initial value problems (IVPs) corresponding to the time intervals between commutations. In this paper, a transformation of state variables is derived such that the states are continuous throughout the simulation process. This feature eliminates the need to re-initialize the ODE solver. The continuous state algorithm is verified on a high-pulse-count power supply and sets the stage for state-space averaging and system-level analysis of switched circuits


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