Integrated optics Pockels cell high-voltage sensor

TitleIntegrated optics Pockels cell high-voltage sensor
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsJaeger, N. A. F., and F. Rahmatian
JournalPower Delivery, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination127 -134
Date Publishedjan.
Keywords0.5 mus, 1 MHz, 7 mm, biased devices, electric sensing devices, fabrication, front-times, high-voltage sensor, integrated optics Pockels cell, integrated optoelectronics, intrinsic phase-difference, lightning impulses, photovoltaic cells, piezoelectric behaviour, Pockels effect, power system, power system measurement, testing, useful bandwidth, voltage measurement, waveguide geometry

The operation of the integrated optics Pockels cell and its application as a high-voltage power system sensor are explained. The effects of the waveguide's geometry on the intrinsic phase-difference of the device is investigated. Properly biased devices as short as 7 mm have been fabricated and tested. While the piezoelectric behaviour of the sensor-heads affects the useful bandwidths of these devices, samples with bandwidths on the order of 1 MHz have been fabricated. Also, devices capable of reproducing lightning impulses with front-times as short as 0.5 mu;s have been demonstrated


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