Measurements of correlation coefficients of closely spaced dipoles

TitleMeasurements of correlation coefficients of closely spaced dipoles
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsHui, P., C. G. Hynes, J. van Wonterghem, and D. G. Michelson
Conference NameAntenna Technology: Small Antennas and Novel Metamaterials, 2005. IWAT 2005. IEEE International Workshop on
Pagination474 - 477
Date Publishedmar.
Keywords/2 dipole antennas, 3D diversity antenna measurement system, anechoic chamber, antenna mutual coupling, antenna radiation patterns, closely spaced dipoles, coupled circuits, dipole antenna arrays, dipole cross-correlation coefficients, diversity reception, far-field radiation patterns, S-parameters, side-by-side lambda

Cross-correlation coefficients of two side-by-side lambda;/2 dipole antennas as a function of space separations are calculated from antenna patterns measured using a 3D diversity antenna measurement system in an anechoic chamber. Autocorrelation coefficients determined from the measured patterns of a lambda;/2 dipole antenna agree well with the theoretical model. The effects of antenna mutual coupling on the cross-correlation coefficients of two lambda;/2 dipole antennas are obtained experimentally and analysed.


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