Iterative inverse kinematics with manipulator configuration control

TitleIterative inverse kinematics with manipulator configuration control
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsGrudic, G. Z., and P. D. Lawrence
JournalRobotics and Automation, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination476 -483
Date Publishedaug.
Keywords6-degree-of-freedom manipulator, closed-form inverse kinematics equations, convergence, endpoint orientation, endpoint position, inverse problems, iterative inverse kinematics, kinematics, manipulator configuration control, manipulators, nonlinear equations, offset modification method, position control, real-time manipulator control, redundant manipulators

A new method, termed the offset modification method (OM method), for solving the manipulator inverse kinematics problem is presented. The OM method works by modifying the link offset values of a manipulator until it is possible to derive closed-form inverse kinematics equations for the resulting manipulator (termed the model manipulator). This procedure allows one to derive a set of three nonlinear equations in three unknowns that, when numerically solved, give an inverse kinematics solution for the original manipulator. The OM method can be applied to manipulators with any number of degrees of freedom, as long as the manipulator satisfies a given set of conditions (Theorem 1). The OM method is tested on a 6-degree-of-freedom manipulator that has no known closed-form inverse kinematics equations. It is shown that the OM method is applicable to real-time manipulator control, can be used to guarantee convergence to a desired endpoint position and orientation (if it exists), and allows one to directly choose which inverse kinematics solution the algorithm will converge to (as specified in the model manipulator closed-form inverse kinematics equations). Applications of the method to other 6-DOF manipulator geometries and to redundant manipulators (i.e. greater than 6 DOF geometries) are discussed


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