Toward a competitive pool-playing robot

TitleToward a competitive pool-playing robot
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsGreenspan, M., J. Lam, M. Godard, I. Zaidi, S. Jordan, W. Leckie, K. Anderson, and D. Dupuis

Since the first attempt to automate pool in the late 1980s, researchers have developed several pool-playing robotic systems as well as a training system that has a computer vision component but doesn't involve robotic actuation. Several research challenges must be addressed to advance the system further. The most difficult will emerge in competing against proficient human opponents. Deep Green, a vision-based, intelligent robotic system to play competitive pool, currently shoots at a better-than-amateur level. Its developers seek to advance the system to successfully challenge a proficient human opponent, ultimately at a championship level.

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