Robust decentralized control of parallel DC/DC converters

TitleRobust decentralized control of parallel DC/DC converters
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsGarabandic, D., W. G. Dunford, and T. Petrovic
Conference NamePower Electronics Specialists Conference, 1998. PESC 98 Record. 29th Annual IEEE
Pagination911 -915 vol.1
Date Publishedmay.
Keywordscommon output voltage, condition number, control design, control simulation, control system analysis, control system synthesis, DC-DC power convertors, decentralised control, gain directionality compensation, multivariable control systems, multivariable plant, optimality criteria, parallel DC/DC power converters, performance index, power delivery, power sharing function, robust control, robust decentralized control, robustness, structured singular value, suboptimal decentralized controller, voltage control

A system of parallel operating DC/DC power converters is a multivariable plant. The controlled values in this case are the common output voltage and the relative amount of power delivered by each unit, also called the power sharing function. An optimal controller for this system is centralized due to the intermodular interaction. A decentralized controller is suboptimal but the realization of such a controller is simpler. Different structures of decentralized controllers were designed using the robustness and optimality criteria based on the structured singular value. The gain directionality compensation, due to a high condition number, was also considered


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