A variable bit rate resource allocation algorithm for wireless ATM

TitleA variable bit rate resource allocation algorithm for wireless ATM
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsFrigon, J. - F., H. C. B. Chan, and V. C. M. Leung
Conference NameGlobal Telecommunications Conference, 1999. GLOBECOM '99
Pagination2673 - 2677 vol.5
Keywordsaccess protocols, access queue, asynchronous transfer mode, available bit rate, base station, best effort service, cell control algorithm, centralized scheduling, channel access, constant bit rate, distributed access, DR-TDMA, dynamic reservation TDMA, guaranteed service, land mobile radio, medium access control protocol, multiplexing, quality of service, queueing theory, rate based scheduling algorithm, scheduling, telecommunication control, telecommunication traffic, throughput, time division multiple access, variable bit rate resource allocation algorithm, VBR sources, VBR traffic, wireless ATM

A resource allocation algorithm for variable bit rate (VBR) sources using the dynamic reservation TDMA (DR-TDMA) medium access control protocol is proposed in this paper, DR-TDMA combines the advantages of distributed access and centralized scheduling to multiplex VBR traffic efficiently over a wireless ATM channel, and can be easily extended to integrate constant bit rate, VBR, and available bit rate traffic. We present a novel rate based scheduling algorithm which maintains in the base station a virtual status of the access queue in each mobile to control channel access by the mobile. A unique cell control algorithm is incorporated to provide guaranteed or best effort service to each VBR source depending on whether the current cells conform to the traffic contract. Simulation results show that DR-TDMA can achieve a high throughput in the range of 93 to 98% while maintaining a reasonable quality of service.


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