Fault detection for pressure screens

TitleFault detection for pressure screens
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsESTEVEZREYES, L. W., G. A. Dumont, B. J. ALLISON, and R. W. GOODING
JournalPulp & Paper -Canada
Date PublishedAUG
Type of ArticleArticle
Keywordsdefects, detection, Diagnosis, MATHEMATICAL MODELS, monitoring, pilot plants, PRESSURE SCREENS

Malfunctions on pressure screens are usually detected in pulp mills by measuring the differential pressure between the feed line and the accept line of the screen as a warning signal. This method has several drawbacks. Tests performed in a pilot plant have shown the potential for using a mathematical model of the pressure screen as a fault detection tool. The objective of this approach is to monitor the process parameters of the screen included in the model to detect incipient malfunctions and to prevent screen failure. The pressure screen model, based on mechanistic principles, is part of a general strategy for diagnosing and controlling pressure screens which is being developed at the Pulp and Paper Centre in The University of British Columbia, in collaboration with Paprican.

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