Optimization of rectangular pulp stock mixing chest dimensions using dynamic tests

TitleOptimization of rectangular pulp stock mixing chest dimensions using dynamic tests
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsEin-Mozaffari, F., C. P. J. Bennington, and G. A. Dumont
JournalTAPPI Journal

Agitated pulp chests act as low-pass filters to attenuate high-frequency variability in pulp properties ahead of many pulping and papermaking operations. Dynamic tests made on both industrial and scale-model chests show the complex rheology of pulp suspensions creates deviations from ideal mixing. We determined the dimensions of a rectangular 1:11 scale-model pulp stock chest that provided the best upset attenuation for operation at two fixed chest geometries. The extent of flow bypassing the mixing zone and the effective mixed volume were determined from dynamic tests and used as mixing quality criteria. Optimum chest dimensions differed from those determined using the power required for complete surface motion. The dynamic response sensitivity was reduced substantially for a given chest by the location of the pulp feed and exit.

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