The production of impulsive torques in a photovoltaic powered pumping system

TitleThe production of impulsive torques in a photovoltaic powered pumping system
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsDunford, W. G., L. Welder, and P. R. B. WARD
Conference NamePower Electronics Specialists Conference, 1992. PESC '92 Record., 23rd Annual IEEE
Pagination719 -725 vol.1
Date Publishedjun.
Keywordsarmature resistance, capacitance, critical damping, DC motors, electric drives, electromagnetic torque pulses, impulsive torques, permanent magnet DC drive, permanent magnet motors, photovoltaic power systems, photovoltaic powered pumping system, progressive-cavity type pumping, pumps, reservoir capacity, torque, water supply

Methods of providing the high starting torque required in photovoltaic-powered progressive-cavity type pumping systems are discussed. It is shown that suitable impulsive torques can be obtained by using a reservoir capacity. The sizing of this capacitor is discussed in detail for a permanent magnet DC drive, and experimental verification is provided. It is shown that electromagnetic torque pulses in a photovoltaic powered DC drive can be satisfactorily predicted. For a specified armature resistance the peak value is proportional to the initial input voltage. The value of capacitance representing critical damping (4L/R) may be viewed as an optimum choice in terms of peak current/microfarad


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