DiPerF: an automated distributed performance testing framework

TitleDiPerF: an automated distributed performance testing framework
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsDumitrescu, C., I. Raicu, M. Ripeanu, and I. Foster
Conference NameGrid Computing, 2004. Proceedings. 5th IEEE/ACM International Workshop on
Pagination289 - 296
Date Publishednov.
Keywords3.2, automated distributed performance testing, automating service performance evaluation, benchmark testing, DiPerF, distributed processing, Globus Toolkit reg, Grid3 testbed, job submission service, performance evaluation, performance statistics, PlanetLab testbed, pre-WS GRAM, predictive model, WS GRAM

We present DiPerF, a distributed performance-testing framework, aimed at simplifying and automating service performance evaluation. DiPerF coordinates a pool of machines that test a target service, collects and aggregates performance metrics, and generates performance statistics. The aggregate data collected provide information on service throughput, on service fairness' when serving multiple clients concurrently, and on the impact of network latency on service performance. Furthermore, using this data, it is possible to build predictive models that estimate a service performance given the service load. We have tested DiPerF on 100+machines on two testbeds, Grid3 and PlanetLab, and explored the performance of job submission services (pre-WS GRAM and WS GRAM) included with Globus Toolkit reg; 3.2.


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