Wavelet-based illumination normalization for face recognition

TitleWavelet-based illumination normalization for face recognition
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsDu, S., and R. Ward
Conference NameImage Processing, 2005. ICIP 2005. IEEE International Conference on
PaginationII - 954-7
Date Publishedsep.
Keywordsautomatic face recognition process, contrast enhancement, face recognition, histogram equalization, image colour analysis, image resolution, lighting, pixel gray-level contrast, visual databases, wavelet transform, wavelet transforms, wavelet-based illumination normalization, Yale face database B

The appearance of a face image is severely affected by illumination conditions that hinder the automatic face recognition process. To recognize faces under varying illuminations, we propose a wavelet-based normalization method so as to normalize illuminations. This method enhances the contrast as well as the edges of face images simultaneously, in the frequency domain using the wavelet transform, to facilitate face recognition tasks. It outperforms the conventional illumination normalization method - the histogram equalization that only enhances image pixel gray-level contrast in the spatial domain. With this method, our face recognition system works effectively under a wide range of illumination conditions. The experimental results obtained by testing on the Yale face database B demonstrate the effectiveness of our method with 15.65% improvement, on average, in the face recognition system.


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