An Efficient Compression Scheme for Colour Filter Array Video Sequences

TitleAn Efficient Compression Scheme for Colour Filter Array Video Sequences
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsDoutre, C., and P. Nasiopoulos
Conference NameMultimedia Signal Processing, 2006 IEEE 8th Workshop on
Pagination166 -169
Date Publishedoct.
KeywordsCFA video sequence, code standards, colour filter array, compression scheme, data compression, H.264 video coding standard, image sequences, optical filters, video coding

Most consumer digital cameras use a single light sensor which captures colour information using a colour filter array (CFA). This produces a mosaic image, where each pixel contains either a red, green or blue sample. The two missing colours at each pixel location must be interpolated from the surrounding samples in a process called demosaicking. The conventional approach to compressing video in these devices is to first perform demosaicking and then compress the resulting full-colour video using standard methods. In this paper a method for compressing CFA video prior to demosaicking is proposed, using a modified version of the H.264 video coding standard. Simulations show the proposed method gives better compression efficiency than the demosaick-first approach at high bit-rates


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