Blind on-line testing for equalization errors in digital communication systems

TitleBlind on-line testing for equalization errors in digital communication systems
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsDogancay, K., and V. Krishnamurthy
JournalInformation Theory, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination1677 -1686
Date Publishedjul.
Keywordsadaptive equalisers, adaptive equalizer, adaptive signal detection, blind detection, blind on-line testing, channel impulse response, detection probability, digital communication, digital communication systems, equalization errors, equalizer output sequence, error statistics, least squares approximations, linear time-invariant channels, linear time-invariant model, noise, noisy channel output, off-line least squares test, probability, recursive estimation, recursive least squares algorithm, time-varying channels, transmitted symbol estimates

We present an on-line test for blind detection of equalization errors in digital communication systems. The test is based on the observation that for linear time-invariant channels the relationship between the transmitted symbol estimates generated by the equalizer and the noisy channel output can be represented by an underlying linear time-invariant model if and only if the equalizer output sequence is not in error. The presence of equalization errors renders this relationship time-varying, whose occurrence is detected by the proposed on-line test. The test is obtained from a previously proposed off-line least squares test by essentially replacing the least squares algorithm with its recursive version


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