Model-based Doppler estimation for frame-based SAR processing

TitleModel-based Doppler estimation for frame-based SAR processing
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsCumming, I.
JournalIGARSS 2001: Scanning the Present and Resolving the Future, Vols 1-7, Proceedings

This paper presents a new method of Doppler centroid estimation whereby estimates are made over small blocks of data covering a whole frame of data, and examined for strong SNR and lack of bias. Poor estimates are rejected, and the remaining estimates are used to fit a surface model of the Doppler centroid vs. range and azimuth. The method is applied to both the fractional and integer PRF part of the centroid. A geometric model is used to constrain the model to allowable roll, pitch and yaw values of satellite attitude. The method is tested with RADARSAT-1 and SRTM/X-SAR data.

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