Investigation of time-reversal processing for surface-penetrating radar detection in a multiple-target configuration

TitleInvestigation of time-reversal processing for surface-penetrating radar detection in a multiple-target configuration
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsCresp, A., I. Aliferis, M. J. Yedlin, C. Pichot, and J. - Y. Dauvignac
Conference NameRadar Conference, 2008. EuRAD 2008. European
Pagination144 -147
Date Publishedoct.
Keywordsdielectric target configurations, dipole antennas, Entropy, image resolution, instantaneous electric-field energy, multiple-target configuration, radar antennas, radar detection, simple dipole antenna model, surface-penetrating radar detection, synthetic-impulse microwave imaging system, target tracking, time-reversal focusing algorithm, time-reversal processing

This paper presents detection and imaging capabilities of a simple time-reversal focusing algorithm, applied to experimental data that are obtained under various radar scene configurations (single- or multiple-target in free-space or through-the-wall). Data are collected with the ultra-wideband surface penetrating radar SIMIS (synthetic-impulse microwave imaging system, designed in LEAT) which operates almost from dc up to 18 GHz. The algorithm propagates time-reversed received signals in a supposedly known medium (either free-space or through a wall with known parameters) using a simple dipole model for the antennas. At each time step, an image of the scene is obtained, corresponding to the instantaneous electric-field energy in each pixel. A focusing criterion, looking for a minimum of entropy combined with a maximum of energy in the image, automatically selects the optimum frame, shown here. Two free-space (dielectric target, dielectric and metallic target) and one through-the-wall (dielectric target) configurations are investigated, showing the efficiency of the method.

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