Injection-locked 1.55 mu;m VCSELs with enhanced spur-free dynamic range

TitleInjection-locked 1.55 mu;m VCSELs with enhanced spur-free dynamic range
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsChrostowski, L., C. H. Chang, and C. J. Chang-Hasnain
JournalElectronics Letters
Pagination965 - 967
Date Publishedaug.
Keywords1.55 micron, analogue performance, enhanced spur-free dynamic range, Injection locking, injection-locked lasers, laser beams, laser cavity resonators, long wavelength VCSELs, modulation bandwidth, optical modulation, Semiconductor lasers, surface emitting lasers, third-harmonic spur-free dynamic range, VCSELs

Injection locking is demonstrated to improve the analogue performance of long wavelength VCSELs. The third-harmonic spur-free dynamic range was improved by 9 dB/Hz2/3 to be 93 dB/Hz2/3, and the modulation bandwidth was increased twofold


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