BioMEMS in medicine: diagnostic and therapeutic systems

TitleBioMEMS in medicine: diagnostic and therapeutic systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsCheung, K. C., and P. Renaud
Conference NameSolid-State Device Research Conference, 2005. ESSDERC 2005. Proceedings of 35th European
Pagination345 - 350
Date Publishedsep.
Keywordsbiomedical equipment, bioMEMS, cell analysis, cell characterization, diagnostic system, implantable biomedical microdevices, microfluidic systems, microfluidics, micromechanical devices, neuroprosthetic devices, patient diagnosis, polymer-based microelectrode arrays, prosthetics, therapeutic systems

The applications of bio-microelectromechanical systems (bioMEMS) in medicine can be classified as diagnostic or therapeutic systems. In the laboratory, microfluidic systems for cell analysis and characterization contribute to the development of diagnostic systems. Implantable biomedical microdevices can benefit many patients with neurological conditions or spinal cord injury, and flexible polymer-based microelectrode arrays are key technology in future neuroprosthetic devices. Advances in both lab-on-a-chip diagnostic systems and implantable biomedical microdevices have the potential to advance new therapies and solutions to improve our well-being.


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