Microfluidic impedance spectroscopy flow cytometer: particle size calibration

TitleMicrofluidic impedance spectroscopy flow cytometer: particle size calibration
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsCheung, K., S. Gawad, and P. Renaud
Conference NameMicro Electro Mechanical Systems, 2004. 17th IEEE International Conference on. (MEMS)
Pagination343 - 346
Keywordscalibration, cells, dielectric properties, dielectrophoretic forces, electric impedance measurement, electrophoresis, finite element analysis, finite element simulation, microchannels, microfluidic impedance spectroscopy flow cytometer, microfluidics, particle size calibration, polystyrene beads

This paper presents a microfabricated impedance spectroscopy flow cytometer which permits rapid and easy dielectric characterization of cells as they flow in a microchannel. Both a simple theoretical model and a finite element simulation show that the effects of particle size dominate the entire spectrum. Dielectrophoretic forces are used to focus polystyrene beads along the centerline of the channel and decrease the spread in signal amplitude. Measurements of the beads show that size differences of less than 1 mu;m diameter can be discriminated.


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