Individually addressable planar patch clamp array

TitleIndividually addressable planar patch clamp array
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsCheung, K., T. Kubow, and L. P. Lee
Conference NameMicrotechnologies in Medicine Biology 2nd Annual International IEEE-EMB Special Topic Conference on
Pagination71 -75
Keywords3D ring-shaped recording device, arrays, biocontrol, bioelectric potentials, biomembrane transport, biosensors, cell signalling, deep RIE, fluidic channel, fluorescent detection, glass micropipette, individually addressable array, ion channels, living cells, microelectrodes, microfabricated patch site, microfluidics, microsensors, nozzles, optical detection, optimal pipette size, parallel screening of cells, photolithography, planar patch clamp array, ring-shaped nozzle, scanning probe detection, Si, silicon, simultaneous use, sputter etching, tethered lipid membranes, transmembrane proteins, vertically oriented, vesicles

We present a new planar, silicon-based patch clamp array. Each patch site is vertically oriented, which allows simultaneous use of scanning probe, optical, or fluorescent detection technologies. Each microfabricated patch site is also connected to its own fluidic channel so that the array can be used for parallel screening of cells or analysis of tethered lipid membranes or vesicles that express the proteins of interest. A single unit, fully three-dimensional ring-shaped patch clamp recording device has been designed and fabricated


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