Beam diffraction by rectangular cylinders

TitleBeam diffraction by rectangular cylinders
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsCheung, H. D., and E. V. Jull
Conference NameElectromagnetic Compatibility, 1999 International Symposium on
Pagination288 -291
Keywordsantenna patterns, beam arrays, beam diffraction, buildings, complex source point method, E polarized beam sources, electromagnetic wave polarisation, electromagnetic wave scattering, geometrical theory of diffraction, H polarized beam sources, radiowave propagation, radiowave propagation modelling, rectangular cylinders, shadow regions, two-dimensional scattering prediction, uniform theory of diffraction, wireless communications

The uniform theory of diffraction and the complex source point method are used together to predict two-dimensional scattering by rectangular cylinders by E and H polarized beam sources. Arrays of beams representing antenna patterns are also used to model propagation into the shadow regions of buildings


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