Adaptive bit loading for coded MIMO-OFDM

TitleAdaptive bit loading for coded MIMO-OFDM
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsChen, H. Z. B., L. Lampe, and R. Schober
Conference NameComputer Communications and Networks, 2007. ICCCN 2007. Proceedings of 16th International Conference on
Pagination149 -153
Date Publishedaug.
Keywordsadaptive bit loading, adaptive codes, antenna arrays, coded MIMO-OFDM, data communication, error propagation, high-data rate communication, MIMO communication, multiple transmit-receive antennas, OFDM modulation, orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing, receiving antennas, space-time codes, transmitting antennas, V-BLAST, wrapped space-time coding

Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) with multiple transmit and receive antennas (MIMO-OFDM) and adaptive bit-loading (ABL) offers reliable high-data rate communication for systems with moderate mobility as considered in e.g. IEEE 802.16e. In this paper, we propose and optimize wrapped space-time coding (WSTC) for bit-loaded MIMO-OFDM. We further optimize V-BLAST with ABL by mitigating error propagation inherent in its detection process. We compare their performances with benchmark schemes known from the literature. Simulation results show that WSTC-based MIMO-OFDM achieves excellent error rate performances while feedback requirements for loading are low.


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