Injection-locked 1.55 mu;m VCSELs in analog and digital communication systems

TitleInjection-locked 1.55 mu;m VCSELs in analog and digital communication systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsChang, C. - H., L. Chrostowski, and C. J. Chang-Hasnain
Conference NameAll-Optical Networking: Existing and Emerging Architecture and Applications/Dynamic Enablers of Next-Generation Optical Communications Systems/Fast Optical Processing in Optical Transmission/VCSEL and Microcavity Lasers. 2002 IEEE/LEOS Summer Topi
PaginationTuD2-23 - TuD2-24
Keywords1.55 micron, analog communication systems, chirp modulation, digital communication systems, electro-optical modulation, injection-locked 1.55 mu, laser bandwidth, laser mode locking, m VCSELs, nonlinearity reduction, optical transmitters, Semiconductor lasers

VCSEL injection locking is demonstrated to increase laser bandwidth and reduce non-linearity and chirp. All these properties enhance analog and digital modulation performance.


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