Software and hardware R-S codec for wireless communications

TitleSoftware and hardware R-S codec for wireless communications
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsBhargava, V. K., T. Le-Ngoc, and D. Gregson
Conference NameCommunications, Computers and Signal Processing, 1997. '10 Years PACRim 1987-1997 - Networking the Pacific Rim'. 1997 IEEE Pacific Rim Conference on
Pagination739 -740 vol.2
Date Publishedaug.
Keywordscodecs, error correcting encoders-decoders, hardware codecs, meteor burst communication, mobile radio communication, R-S codec, radio equipment, Reed-Solomon codes, software codecs, wireless communications

For the last ten years, the authors have been involved in the analysis, design and implementation of error correcting encoders-decoders (codecs) for wireless communications based on the celebrated Reed-Solomon codes. We present a summary of such software and hardware codecs that we have developed


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