Proactive resource allocation schemes

TitleProactive resource allocation schemes
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsBai, Y., and M. R. Ito
Conference NameCommunications, 2005. ICC 2005. 2005 IEEE International Conference on
Pagination53 - 58 Vol. 1
Date Publishedmay.
Keywordspacket switching, proactive resource allocation schemes, QoS, quality of service, queued packet scheduling, queueing theory, resource allocation, scheduling, stream-aware packet discard algorithm, video streaming, video users

Current network techniques provide quality of service (QoS) from the viewpoint of the network. However, these schemes often do not result in satisfactory performance for application users. The paper proposes two new proactive resource allocation schemes for satisfying the perceived QoS requirements of video users. The schemes are proactive in the sense that they schedule queued packets to exit the router according to information related to future data, rather than just the information for currently arriving data. Unexpected data loss during a future time interval is avoided, thus increasing the number of video users with QoS satisfaction The second scheme modifies the first one by adding a stream-aware packet discard algorithm to correct further any QoS requirement violation from the users' perspective. It is shown that the combined scheme yields a higher QoS-satisfied user ratio but it is computationally more expensive, compared to the first scheme alone.


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