On loss-aware packet scheduling for video transport over a multi-hop IP network

TitleOn loss-aware packet scheduling for video transport over a multi-hop IP network
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsBai, Y., and M. R. Ito
Conference NameDistributed Computing Systems Workshops, 2003. Proceedings. 23rd International Conference on
Pagination588 - 593
Date Publishedmay.
KeywordsIP networks, loss-aware packet scheduling, multihop IP network, packet switching, quality of service, scheduling, video streaming, video transport, visual communication

Video streaming over IP networks requires end-to-end loss guarantees. In order to achieve the required end-to-end loss performance, new algorithms for the distribution of end-to-end loss requirements into local loss constraints, as wells as provision of local loss assurance, are proposed. Much of recent research pays little attention to the problem of distributing end-to-end loss requirements to local routing nodes. This paper proposes five schemes for the allocation of nodal loss across a multi-hop IP network. In addition, it uses loss-aware packet scheduling to provide nodal loss assurance, rather than using buffer management as in present node-based loss guarantee techniques. Simulation experiment results demonstrate that integrating the proposed loss allocation methods with the loss-aware packet scheduling scheme not only provides end-to-end loss guarantee for each video, but also provide different classes of videos with different levels of loss guarantees while greatly improves fairness in quality of service amongst videos.


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