Analysis of wireless data networks with retransmission diversity combining in a cluttered environment

TitleAnalysis of wireless data networks with retransmission diversity combining in a cluttered environment
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsAnnmalai, A., and V. K. Bhargava
Conference NamePersonal Wireless Communications, 1997 IEEE International Conference on
Pagination449 -454
Date Publisheddec.
Keywordsadaptive retransmission diversity combining, adaptive systems, cluttered environment, code division multiple access, coding errors, data communication, delay performance, delays, diversity reception, DS-CDMA, DS/CDMA ALOHA, fading, feedback channel errors, frequency-selective Rayleigh fading channel, network throughput, noisy packets, packet error probability, packet header failure rate, packet radio networks, packet-switched CDMA networks, probability, radio receivers, Rayleigh channels, receiver complexity, reliable packet combining, slotted random access, spread spectrum communication, time-varying channels, unslotted random access, wireless data networks

An adaptive retransmission diversity combining scheme is investigated for both the slotted and unslotted random access packet-switched code division multiple access networks over a frequency-selective Rayleigh fading channel. Multiple received noisy packets are combined on a bit by bit basis to form a single, more reliable packet. A novel mechanism to ensure a reliable packet combining operation is outlined. It is shown that packet combining is an effective mechanism for enhancing the network throughput and delay performance of the conventional DS/CDMA ALOHA, while sustaining a reasonable receiver complexity. This scheme is highly advantageous for systems which can tolerate a certain delay and operate over highly time-varying channels. We also examine the sensitivity of the system performance to the packet header failure rate and in the presence of feedback channel errors


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