Efficient fair queuing with decoupled delay-bandwidth guarantees

TitleEfficient fair queuing with decoupled delay-bandwidth guarantees
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsAgharebparast, F., and V. C. M. Leung
Conference NameGlobal Telecommunications Conference, 2001. GLOBECOM '01. IEEE
Pagination2601 -2605 vol.4
Keywordsbandwidth allocation, bandwidth allocation guarantees, decoupled delay bound, delay estimation, efficient fair scheduler, FFQ, frame-based fair queueing, integrated services packet network, link sharing, packet switching, quality of service, queueing theory, rate estimator modules, scheduling, telecommunication traffic, traffic class

In this paper we introduce a new scheduling system with decoupled delay bound and bandwidth allocation guarantees. It is based on an existing efficient fair scheduler, Frame-based Fair Queueing (FFQ), and therefore inherits the fairness, simplicity and efficiency of that policy. We combine a slightly modified version of an FFQ scheduler with the link sharing concept using rate estimator modules, in order to provide the capability of assigning delay bound and bandwidth allocation to each traffic class independently. This is achieved by defining two sets of rates, one for normal operation of FFQ which defines the delay bound of each class and the other for assigning bandwidth allocation to each class. In normal situations the system acts as a normal FFQ but if a class misbehaves, the system reacts and prevents that class from degrading delay and bandwidth of other classes


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