Generalized S transform

TitleGeneralized S transform
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsAdams, M. D., F. Kossentini, and R. K. Ward
JournalSignal Processing, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination2831 - 2842
Date Publishednov.
Keywordscolor image compression, data compression, generalized S transform, GST parameter calculation, image coding, image colour analysis, lifting scheme, reversible integer-to-integer transforms, rounding operators, roundoff errors, signal coding, transform coding, transforms

The generalized S transform (GST), a family of reversible integer-to-integer transforms inspired by the S transform, is proposed. This family of transforms is then studied in detail by considering topics such as GST parameter calculation, the effects of using different rounding operators in the GST, and the relationship between the GST and the lifting scheme. Some examples of specific transforms in the GST family are also given. In particular, a new transform in this family is introduced, and its practical utility is demonstrated.


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