Image-guided control of a robot for medical ultrasound

TitleImage-guided control of a robot for medical ultrasound
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsAbolmaesumi, P., S. E. Salcudean, W. - H. Zhu, M. R. Sirouspour, and S. P. DiMaio
JournalRobotics and Automation, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination11 -23
Date Publishedfeb.
Keywords3D reconstruction, biomedical ultrasonics, feature extraction, feature tracking, image-guided control, Internet, Internet-based robot-assisted teleultrasound system, manipulators, medical diagnostic ultrasound, medical image processing, medical robotics, motion compensation, motion control, position control, robot controller, robot vision, robot-assisted system, telemedicine, telerobotics, ultrasonic transducers, ultrasound image servoing, ultrasound transducer, visual servo controller

A robot-assisted system for medical diagnostic ultrasound has been developed by the authors. The paper presents the visual servo controller used in this system. While the ultrasound transducer is positioned by a robot, the operator, the robot controller, and an ultrasound image processor have shared control over its motion. Ultrasound image features that can be selected by the operator are recognized and tracked by a variety of techniques. Based on feature tracking, ultrasound image servoing in three axes has been incorporated in the interface and can be enabled to automatically compensate, through robot motions, unwanted motions in the plane of the ultrasound beam. The accuracy of the system is illustrated through a 3-D reconstruction of an ultrasound phantom. An Internet-based robot-assisted teleultrasound system has also been demonstrated


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