Human Interface Technologies

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3 Credits

CPEN 541

Human sensation, perception, kinetics; input technologies, gesture, vision, speech, audio; metaphors, information appliances, ubiquitous computing, wearable computing; output technologies, video display, speech, audio, tactile, haptic; evaluation methodology; user-centered design.

Course Overview

This course will present important developments in human interface technologies. The course will begin with an overview of human kinetics and perceptual system. The remainder of the course will be divided between a discussion of input technologies and output technologies. First, we will consider various developments in input technologies. Various input devices will be studied along with methods for evaluating the success of the devices will be discussed. Second, developments in output technologies will be studied. In addition to the specific technologies for various display techniques emphasis will be placed on the evaluation of the technologies as well as the interactions with various input devices will be covered. The course project will involve either the creation of a novel input device, a novel output device, a novel interaction technique or the evaluation of a current device.

Course Topics

1. Introduction to Human Interface Technologies

2. Human Systems:

  • input
  • smell
  • output

3. Technologies:

  • output
  • input

4. Analysis Techniques:

  • 1+1 does not equal to 2
  • error rates
  • speed measurements
  • human factors issues
  • intimacy, embodiment
  • other evaluation criteria: subjective, sensitivity

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