Co-instructor, UBC            Fall 2006 and Fall 2007

EECE 352 (Electronic Material): taught a class of more than 80 students on properties and applications of dielectric and magnetic materials. Was described as “a confident, motivated, and knowledgeable instructor” in student evaluations.

Teaching Assistant,
University of British Columbia          2004-2007

Electronic Materials (EECE 352) tutorials and office hours, helped develop homework questions and solutions and mark exams; Linear Circuit Analysis (MECH 221) tutorial and lab instructor; Signals and Systems Lab (EECE 361) lab instructor.

Teaching Assistant,
Simon Fraser University         2001-2002

Electronic System Design (ENSC 425); Digital and Computer Design Lab (ENSC 151); Introduction to Computer Design (ENSC 150); reputed as a very effective and helpful instructor

Teaching Assistant, Sharif University of Technology           1997-1998

Electrical Machinery, Engineering Probability and Statistics
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