Graphene and CNTs for Energy Storage


To achieve its full potential, effective methods to chemically dope graphene are required.  Here, we report the investigation of BN-doped graphene sheets with high specific surface area synthesized through hydrothermal self-assembly of graphene oxide with ammonium hydroxide and boric acid followed by thermal annealing. Atom-by-atom imaging and probing of BN-doped graphene using annular dark-field scanning transmission electron microscopy and electron energy loss spectroscopy with single-atom sensitivity provide clear views of atomistic B and N bonding configurations in graphene lattices. These configurations include B and N atoms bonded to three C atoms, and B-N pairs, N-B-N triplets and occasionally B bonded to three N atoms.
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A scanning electron micrograph of a mesoporous cork supercapacitor made of reduced graphene oxide sheets
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