Past Projects

I have so far supervised 22 UBC undergraduate students from the Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics and Engineering Physics programs. These have included summer internships sponsored by NSERC (USRA), senior year, and group projects:

NSERC Undergraduate Scholarship Research Award (USRA) full-time work-terms

"Conductive Elastomer Actuators", Bahar Iranpour, NSERC Undergraduate Scholarship Research Award work-term, summer 2009.

“Simulation of Actuation in Carbon Nanotubes”, Rahul Krishna-Prasad, NSERC Undergraduate Scholarship Research Award work-term, summer 2007.

“Wet-Spinning of Fibres of Carbon Nanotubes”, Erik Miehling, NSERC Undergraduate Scholarship Research Award work term, summer 2007.

“Muscle Analyzer and Dielectric Elastomers”, Himesh Prasad, NSERC Undergraduate Scholarship Research Award work-term, summer 2005.

Senior Undergraduate Student Projects Supervised:

“Design and Structure of a Data Acquisition Process for a Potentiostat”, Rajat Garhwal, EECE 496, fall 2008.

“Digital Data Logging and User Interface for a Potentiostat”, Surbhi Thawani, EECE 496, fall 2008.

“Numerical Simulations of Elastic Electromechanical Actuators”, Tony Wang Fai Shum, EECE 496, summer 2008.

“Simulation of Actuation of Carbon Nanotubes in Electrolytes”, Rahul Krishna-Prasad: EECE 496, Fall 2007.

“Elastomer Muscle Fabrication and Analyzer Enhancement”, Matthew Battistel, EECE 496, Summer 2006,  w/ J. Yan

“Muscle Analyzer and Dielectric Elastomers”, Parinaz Hadad-Tehrani, EECE 496, fall 2005.

“Dielectric Elastomers for Use as Artificial Muscle in a Robotic Dragonfly”, Brian Mui, EECE 496, Spring 2005, w/ J. Yan.

“Dielectric Elastomer Actuation Characterization for use as Artificial Muscles”, Michelle Rejano EECE 496, spring 2005, w/ J. Yan.

“Dielectric Elastomer Actuator Characterization for Use as Artificial Muscles”, Caleb Alden, EECE 496, Fall 2004, w/ J. Yan.

“Dielectric Elastomer EAP Testing: Past, Present and Future“, Paul Wieringa, IGEN program, fall and winter 2004.

“Thin-film Dielectric Elastomer Actuators for a Robo-Dragonfly”, Kym Alvaro Rich, IGEN, Fall & Winter 2004.

Group projects:

“Design of a Muscle Analyzer”, Senior year group project (Mechatronics program, UBC), Iman Mansoor, Isabello Ong, Matthew Paone, Cory Reid, Winter 2007.

“Spring Roll Dielectric Elastomer Actuator as an Artificial Muscle”, Tim Oxenford, Ali Esbak, Dan Langevin (APSC 459).

Volunteer workers:

“Syringe Pump System for Spinning Carbon Nanotube Fibres”, Leo Chun Man Wong, summer 2006.

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