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Currently based in stunningly beautiful Vancouver, Doris combines her professional interests in language and bookbinding by running her own small business - TransPlus - while Rodger combines some consulting with an adjunct Prof position at UBC's Media and Graphics (MAGIC) lab.






Places we've lived

Paris '89-91 
Portland '91-93 
Bristol '93-'94 
Tokyo '94-'97 
San Jose '97-'02

Kuala Lumpur ’08-‘09

Vancouver '03-present

Lancaster '05-present

The house in France


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Some trips we've done

Alaska - summer '92
Guatemala - spring '93
Southwest US - summer '93
Nepal - spring '95
New Zealand - spring '96
Baja - Christmas'98
Wakayama-ken, Japan, Autumn '00
Norway - Autumn'01
Hawaii - Christmas '01
South America - Winter'02
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Other stuff

The Lancaster 40th Bash (Spring'03)
Farewell Party and Death Valley Autumn'02