PC Co-Chair (Conferences): ICSE'19 (Student Research Competition), ICSE'18 (Doctoral Symposium), SANER'18 (Journal First), FASE'17, MODELS'17 (Doctoral Symposium), SPLC'14, ECMFA'14
PC Member (Conferences): ICSE'18-19 (Program Board), FSE'18-19, ASE'16-19, FASE'15-18, MODELS'15-16,18, SLE'16-17, ICPC'17, ICSR'17, MODULARITY'16, SPLC'13-16, RE'14-15, CSMR-WCRE'14 (Projects Track), CASCON'13-16, ECMFA'09-14
PC Co-Chair (Workshops): PLEASE'10-13@ICSE, MOMPES'12@ASE, Software Analytics'12@CASCON, MDPLE'10-11@ECMFA
PC Member (Workshops): W2SP'15@SP, FOSD'14@ASE, REVE'13-14@SPLC, MAPLE'12-13@SPLC, MDPLE'09@ECMFA
Steering Committee (Conferences): ECMFA'10-date
Experts Reviewer and Panel Member: NSF Reviewer / Panelist, 2015, 2017, 2018
Expert External Reviewer for a European Funding Agency, 2015
Expert Reviewer for the FP7 European Union's Research and Innovation Funding Programme, 2011 and 2013
Professional Associations: IEEE CS Technical Council on Software Engineering (TCSE) member-at-large 2013-2016