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Objet Alaris 24 / Alaris 30 - 3D Printer

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Manual Objet Studio is pre-processing software that places STL Gerber files (generated by SolidWorks) onto a virtual build platform to produce an STOBJ file which is what you take to the Objet 24 or 30 to make your part. Objet Studio can also be downloaded from the server and installed on any computer.
Spec Sheet Objet 24 (Agassi & Sampras)
Spec Sheet Objet 30 (Rafter)
PDF Tutorials
Notes Training session notes describing all the steps required to make a part
Tutorial Saving a part or assembly as an STL file for printing
Tutorial Setting up a print job using Objet Studio
Tutorial Saving money by printing efficiently
Tutorial Design specs for making assemblies, hinges, gears, captive shafts, and using retaining rings including a zipfile of all samples.
Seminar 3D printing seminar including zipfile of samples and geometry specs for drawings.
Frequently Asked Questions
Question What file format do I need to save from SolidWorks?
Answer STL See PDF tutorial above for details
Question How big can the part be? What is the printing accurace? ...

There are two styles of printers, the Objet 24 and the Objet 30. The tray size and printer performance specs for each model is specified in the spec sheets above.

Question How much does it cost to produce a part.

$1 / gram
TOTAL weight of the part including all support material (before cleaning).

Question Can I get an estimate of the part cost before I build it?

Yes. Use Objet Studio to set up your print job and then press the "dollar sign" button. This will give you an estimate of the material usage and build time.

Question What can I do to reduce the cost?

Scaling down the size will reduce both model and support material.

You can reduce the amount of support material required by:

  • Selecting a glossy finish
  • Rotating the part so it sits as flat as possible on the table
  • Manually positioning multiple parts so that they overlap in the Z-axis
  • Producing your part as an assembly with small gaps between parts
Question What is the name of the material that we have in stock?


Question How do I make a part with a working joint?

Use SolidWorks to create an assembly and then save the assembly as an STL file.
Make sure to position the joints so that the assembly is as flat as possible to waste less support material.
Make sure there is a minimum gap of 10 thou (0.25 mm) in the joint so you will be able to free it up.
When you generate your STL file, check the "Save all components of an assembly in a single file" box (see PDF tutorial above).

Question What exactly is a Thou?

1/1000 inch (or 25.4 um)
You can think of it as a mili-inch. This unit of measurement may also be referred to as a "Mil" but "Thou" is the term used in the Objet documentation.