The admittedly unimaginative title of this section symbolizes the variety of topics it encompasses. This is a repository of miscellaneous interesting items, a few I have bothered recording among countless readings that I have come across. The list will be updated as frequently as free time permits, and should it grow substantially I may be forced to further categorize them for clarity.

A Discourse on Inequality (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)
A History of God (Karen Armstrong)
A Short History of Progress (Ronald Wright)
Animal Farm (George Orwell)
Blood and Belonging (Michael Ignatieff)
Chaos: Making a New Science (James Gleick)
Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed (J. Diamond)
The Dispossessed (Ursula LeGuin)
Ensaio Sobre a Cegueira (José Saramago)
Ensaio Sobre a Lucidez (José Saramago)
Guns, Germs and Steel (Jared Diamond)
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams)
Ishmael (Daniel Quinn)
No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies (Naomi Klein)
Our Ecological Footprint (M. Wackernagel & W. Rees)
Slaughterhouse Five (Kurt Vonnegut)
The Cultures of Globalization (Frederic Jameson)
The Feeling of What Happens (Antonio Damasio)
The Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution (P. Ouspensky)
The Roots of the Self (Robert Ornstein)
The Wordly Philosophers (Robert L. Heilbroner)
Timequake (Kurt Vonnegut)
What Uncle Sam Really Wants (Noam Chomsky)
When Corporations Rule the World (David Korten)
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Essays, Papers, Presentations, Short Texts   [Chronological]
Let There Be Markets: The Evangelical Roots of Economics (G. Bigelow, Harper's, 05/2005)
Shifting Sands (D. Gillmor, Walrus, 04/2005)
The Cuba Diet (B. McKibben, Harper's, 04/2005)
Cold Turkey (K. Vonnegut, 05/2004)
A Pacific Culture among Wild Baboons: Its Emergence and Transmission (Sapolsky, PLoS, 04/2004)
We Bombed the Wrong Side (L. MacKenzie, National Post, 04/2004)
Planet of Slums (M. Davis, New Left Review, 03/2004)
The Collapse of Globalism (J.R. Saul, Harper's, 03/2004)
Voting Democracy Off the Island (F. Prose, Harper's, 03/2004)
The Oil We Eat: Following the Food Chain Back to Iraq (R. Manning, Harper's, 02/2004)
Against School: How Public Education Cripples Our Kids, and Why (J. Gatto, Harper's, 09/2003)
The Romance of Empire and the Politics of Self-Love (T. de Zengotita, Harper's, 07/2003)
The Economics of Empire: Notes on the Washington Consensus (W. Finnegan, Harper's, 05/2003)
Cool War: Economic Sanctions as a Weapon of Mass Destructions (J. Gordon, Harper's, 11/2002)
The Road to Babylon: Searching for Targets in Iraq (L. Lapham, Harper's, 10/2002)
Postmodern Warfare: The Ignorance of Our Warrier Intellectuals (S. Fish, Harper's, 07/2002)
The Numbing of the American Mind: Culture as Anesthetic (T. de Zengotita, Harper's, 04/2002)
Economics and Sustainability: Conflict or Convergence? (W. Rees, 2001)
Inherently Unsustainable (W. Rees)
What I Learned at the World Economic Crisis (J. Stiglitz, New Republic, 04/2000)
Injustice, inequality and Evolutionary Psychology (B.G. Charlton, Journal of Health Psychology, 1997)
Old Wine in New Bottles (N. Chomsky)
The Tragedy of the Commons (G. Hardin, Science, 1968, 162: pp.1243-1248)
Patriotism, A Menace To Liberty (Emma Goldman, 1911)
War is Just a Racket - General Smedley Butler on Interventionism (S. Butler)

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