My research with the UBC Nanoelectronics Group (NeG) presently involves modeling of carbon nanotube field-effect transistors (CNFETs), using both detailed numerical analysis and compact modeling aimed at device understanding and circuit simulation. Although some CNFET devices have already been produced, the technology is still in its infancy when compared to, for instance, the well-established silicon MOSFET. However, experimental results published thus far indicate promising performance and reveal some very novel behaviour.

Information on these topics and more can be found on our group's website. A list of related links is also given below. For feedback on this website, or other questions, please click here for contact information.



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[Download PDF (289kB)]

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[Download PDF (138kB)]

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[Download PDF (217kB)]

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[Download PDF (223kB)]

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[Download PDF (249kB)]

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[Download PDF (233kB)]

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[Download PDF (910kB)]

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[Download PDF (159kB)]

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[Download PDF (179kB)]

L.C. Castro, D.L. John and D.L. Pulfrey, "Towards a Compact Model for Schottky-barrier Nanotube FETs", Proceedings of IEEE COMMAD 2002, pp. 303-306, 2002.
[Download PDF (132kB)

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