Professor Guy Lemieux

Guy Lemieux is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

His main research is in the design of FPGAs and CAD tools. His interests include FPGA architecture and CAD, FPGA and VLSI circuit design, computer architecture, and parallel computing systems.

His work on interconnect design for FPGAs resulted in a book, published in November 2003. He received a Best Paper Award at the 2004 IEEE International Conference on Field-Programmable Technology. He received a Bronze Leaf Certificate paper award at the 2008 CMC Microsystems and Nanoelectronics Research Conference, as well as a Best Poster award at BC Net 2009.

Some of his past work on multiprocessing can be found at the University of Toronto.


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Current Students
Degree Name Email Graduation Thesis Topic
Ph.D. Aaron Severance aaronsev expected August 2015 Vector processor architecture
Ph.D. Ameer Abdelhadi ameer expected December 2016 Parallel architecture design
Ph.D. Hossein Omidian ameer expected December 2016 High-level synthesis
M.A.Sc. Michael (Xi) Yue xiy expected August 2014 TBD
M.A.Sc. Tom (Shaolin) Tang sltang expected August 2014 TBD
M.Eng. Douglas (Hak Hian) Sim dsim expected August 2014 TBD

Completed Students
Degree Name Current Position Completion Thesis / Project
M.A.Sc. Alex Brant Altera Toronto November 2012 Coarse and Fine Grain Programmable Overlay Architectures for FPGAs pdf
M.A.Sc. Zhiduo Liu Altera San Jose September 2012 Accelerator Compiler for the VENICE Vector Processor pdf
M.A.Sc. Chris Wang Xilinx San Jose October 2011 Scalable and Deterministic Timing-driven Parallel Placement for FPGAs pdf
Ph.D. David Grant Altera Toronto August 2011 CAD Algorithms and Performance of Malibu: An FPGA with Time-Multiplexed Coarse-Grained Elements pdf
Ph.D. Usman Ahmed Altera Toronto April 2011 Impact of custom interconnect masks on cost and performance of structured ASICs pdf
co-supervised with Steve Wilton
M.A.Sc. Chris Chou PMC-Sierra April 2010 VIPERS II: A Soft-core Vector Processor with Single-copy Scratchpad Memory pdf
M.A.Sc. Darius Chiu Independent Sept 2009 Congestion-driven Re-clustering CAD Flow for Low-cost FPGAs pdf
M.A.Sc. Johnny Ho Ixia USA Sept 2009 PERG-Rx: An FPGA-based pattern-matching engine with limited regular expression support for large pattern databases pdf
M.A.Sc. Patrick Dong Xilinx San Jose Sept 2009 Period and Glitch Reduction via Clock Skew Scheduling, Delay Padding and GlitchLess pdf
M.A.Sc. Paul Teehan Ph.D. student, UBC October 2008 Reliable High-throughput FPGA Interconnect using Source-synchronous Surfing and Wave Pipelining pdf
Ph.D. Mehdi Alimadadi Linear Technology July 2008 Recycling Clock Network Energy in High-performance Digital Designs using On-chip DC-DC Converters pdf
90nm chip layout (4MB bitmap)
co-supervised with Patrick Palmer
M.A.Sc. Jason Yu Intel Canada May 2008 Vector Processing as a Soft-CPU Accelerator pdf
M.Eng. Eric Lai April 2008 n/a
M.A.Sc. Mark Yamashita IBM Canada November 2007 A Combined Clustering and Placement Algorithm for FPGAs pdf
M.Eng. Shirley Ma McKesson Canada December 2007 n/a
M.Eng. David Yeager IBM Canada December 2006 Interconnect Estimation for FPGAs pdf
M.A.Sc. David Leong Nokia Canada December 2006 Incremental Placement for FPGAs pdf
M.Eng. Wilson Lo unknown November 2006 Power Model for Small Custom Embedded Memories
supervised by André Ivanov
M.A.Sc. Edmund Lee Altera Toronto Summer 2006 Interconnect Driver Design for Long Wires in Field-Programmable Gate Arrays pdf
co-supervised with Shahriar Mirabbasi
M.A.Sc. Marvin Tom Xilinx San Jose Spring 2006 Channel Width Reduction Techniques for System-on-Chip Circuits in Field-Programmable Grate Arrays pdf
M.A.Sc. Anthony Yu Intel Canada Fall 2005 Defect Tolerance for Yield Enhancement of FPGA Interconnect Using Fine-grain and Coarse-grain Redundancy pdf
M.A.Sc. Victor Aken'Ova PMC-Sierra Spring 2005 Bridging the Gap between Soft and Hard eFPGA Design pdf
supervised by Resve Saleh

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