Wildflowers of Harmony Lake (Whistler Mountain)

The following wildflowers were photographed during a hike
with Linda on Whistler Mountain, BC, Canada, on August 24, 2003.
Elevation approximately 1650-1800 m.
The summer has been hot and dry, so the only flowers left are the ones by the streams.
These photos were mainly taken on the outlet stream of Harmony Lake.

The camera I used is a Nikon Coolpix 885, typically used in macro mode.      

5053 - Sitka Valerian [TD336]

5054 - Arrow-Leaved Grounsel [TD332]

5062 - Mountain Arnica - [TD312]

5063 - Arctic or Alpine Aster [TD316/8]

5066 - A young Aster (see photo 5154)

5069 - Partridge Foot [TD270]

5086 - Partridge Foot habitat [TD270]

5084 - Broadleaf Willow-Herb (Alpine Fireweed) [TD140, DS167]

5085 - Leatherleaf (Pearleaf) Saxifrage fruits [TD286,CT205]

5090 - Fruits of Western Anenome (Mountain Pasqueflower) - (a bad hair day!) [TD122]

5100 - Red-Stemmed Saxifrage [PM162]

5107 - Aster ? - finer petals than 5063

5111 - Fan-Leaf Cinquefoil [TD272]

5126 - Another Sitka Valerian (side view) [TD336]

5129 - Harmony Ridge with chair lift, taken from Harmony Lake

5130 - Alpine Speedwell (seen with Mertens' Rush) [TD158]

5101 - Alpine Speedwell [TD158]

5134 - Mertens' Rush [TD392]

5137 - Mertens' Rush habitat with Alpine Speedwell [TD392]

5144 - False (Indian) Hellebore [TD214]

5146 - Pink Mountain Heather - [TD174]

5150 - Small animal tracks in the dry pond (each paw is about 3cm across)

5152 - Decker Mountain (east of Blackcomb), from Harmony Lake

5154 - Arctic or Alpine Aster (with Mountain Arnica) [TD316/8]

5156 - Mountain (Yellow) Monkeyflower habitat [TD150]

5158 - Mountain (Yellow) Monkeyflower [TD150]

5160 - Seed heads of Sweet Coltsfoot - Petasites frigidus var. nivalis (thank you, Virginia)

5161 - Small-Flowered Paintbrush [TD146]

5166 - Orange Agoseris (no disc flower) [TD306]

The following photos were taken the next day at Marriott Basin,
on the trail to the Wendy Thompson Cabin, with Judy Bonn.

5185 - Bracted Lousewort [TD152]

5188 - Seed pods of the Broadleaf Lupine [TD236]

5190 - Habitat of the Indian Hellebore [TD214]

5191 - The main (lower) lake in Marriott Basin

5193 - Fringed Grass-of-Parnassus - [TD288]

I hope you like the photos. Please let me know if any are misindentified!      

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