Helm Creek (Garibaldi Park) Wildflowers

The following wildflowers were photographed during a hike on the Helm Creek crossover,
with Gary and Birgitte Nordin and friends.
Garibaldi Provincial Park, BC, Canada, on August 17, 2002.
Elevation approximately 1700-1900 m.

The camera I used is a Nikon Coolpix 885, typically used in macro mode.      

1760 - A peak at a pica

1766 - Twinflower [TD198]

1768 - Partridgefoot - [TD270]

1770 - Arctic (?) Aster [TD318] (could be Subalpine Daisy [TD322] ?)

1774 - Black Alpine Sedge - [TD384]

1775 - The Black Tusk from Helm Meadows (Gary at our lunch stop)

1778 - The Black Tusk from Helm Meadows

1781 - Alpine Saxifrage (with red dots on petals) [TD294]

1788 - Is this a young cotton grass? [TD386]

1790 - Broadleaf (Red) Willow-herb (Alpine Fireweed) [TD140, DS167]

1795 - Mountain or Yellow Monkeyflower - [TD150, DS236]

1796 - Alpine Speedwell [TD158]

1804 - Oregon Stonecrop - a low plant growing out of the lava rock on Helm Creek,
            - it has pale yellow flowers with 5 pointed petals [CT199,TD300]

1808 - Cow Parsnip - [TD230, DS64]

1811 - Bracted Lousewort [TD152, DS241, PM254] (with groundsel & valerian)

1814 - Top view of Sickletop Lousewort (Parrot's Beak) [DS246]

1815 - Fruits of a Leatherleaf Saxifrage [TD286]

1818 - Alpine Paintbrush [TD146]

1821 - Diamond Head, Table Mountain, Mt. Garibaldi and Mt. Price from Helm Col

1822 - White Bog Orchid [TD228, DS57]

1825 - Arrow-Leaved Groundsel [TD332, DS86]

1827 - Diamond Head, Table Mountain, Mt. Garibaldi and Mt. Price over Garibaldi Lake

1830 - Indian (Green False) Hellebore (with flower) [TD214, DS49]

1831 - Canada Jay (Whiskey Jack)

1838 - Arctic Lupine [TD236]

1840 - One-sided Wintergreen - [TD184]

1841 - Foamflower - [TD296, DS231] - A small flower growing in the shade on the Rubble Creek path.

I hope you like the photos. Please let me know if any are misindentified!      

Other flowers in the park:
Globeflower [TD132] Flowers like Western Anenome
Pink Wintergreen [TD182]
Edible Thistle [TD320]
Fringed Grass-of-Parnassus [TD288] White Rhododendron [TD186] (often has yellow spots on leaves)
Slender Bog Orchid [TD228] (less showy greenish flowers than White Bog Orchid) Bunchberry [TD138] (Canada Dogwood) white flowers, red berries on Rubble Creek trail.

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[GL] Photos in Garibaldi Lake Ranger Cabin