VNHS Smithers Summer Camp         Day #6, Saturday August 9, 2008
                                    Telkwa Microwave Road

Nature Vancouver is an ecological organization based in Vancouver, BC. Every summer it runs a camp of interest to outdoor enthusiasts, including hikers, botanists and birders. In 2008, the camp was held in Smithers, BC, about 1200 km north of Vancouver. This web page shows some of the scenery and wildflowers we saw in the mountains and meadows around Smithers.

In the morning of Day #6, we drove up the Telkwa Microwave Road, having been shown the way by Jim Pojar.
The WGS84 coordinates of the parking area are 54o 39' 56.4" North, 127o 23' 48.8" West, just past the Microwave Tower.

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Click here for the Google Earth tour of the access road and the hike
Open the .kmz file with Google Earth (a free program).
Highlight the .kmz file under "Temporary Places" near the bottom of the left-hand "Places" panel.
Then press Ctrl-Alt-P to play the tour or click the right arrow just underneath.

Google Earth image of the ridge walk above the Telkwa Microwave Tower.

Photo #   Time       Plant Name                                               Reference
#9087     11:03       One-Sided Wintergreen - Orthilia secunda - P. 183

#9089     11:05     Red Pyxie-Cup (British Soldier Lichen) - Cladonia borealis - P. 333

#9090     11:06     White Mountain-Heather - Cassiope mertensiana - P. 80

#9098     11:21     A bit of mist in the air and mud on the road, but not enough to bother us.

#9099     11:21     The clouds broke a few times to give us views of the Telkwa Mountains to the west.

#9103     11:27     Bird's-Beak Lousewort - Pedicularis ornithorhyncha - P. 191

#9104     11:30     A strange circular pattern in the pond.

#9107     11:33     Arctic Lupine with an interesting colour pattern - Lupinus arcticus - P. 170

#9109     11:44     Partridgefoot - Luetkea pectinata - P. 81

#9112     11:48     The big three - paintbrush, fleabane and lupines.

#9120     12:10     The meadows go on and on.

#9123     12:31     Lunch among the heather.

#9129     13:07     Our guide, Ian. This is as far as we got, as the road turned downhill a bit (see Waypoint 182 D).

#9133     13:25     Lupines are very good at collecting water!

#9134     13:28     The rest of the ridge, with Hudsons Bay Mountain in the background.

#9135     13:29     Purple fleabane - Erigeron xxx - P. 120

#9140     13:33     Big and little-flowered paintbrush.

#9145     13:53     At last, a bit of sun!

#9146     19:57     David Foreman saying thanks and goodbye to our cooks, Jane and Olida, and our hostess, Gabi Gust.

Many thanks to XX for checking the identification of the plants.
If you know of any mislabeled plants, please let me know
(please refer to the number above each photo).

Reference pages are taken from:   "Plants of Northern British Columbia", Second edition,
by Mackinnon, Pojar and Coupe. Lone Pine Publishing, Vancouver, BC, 1999.