VNHS Smithers Summer Camp             Day #1, Monday August 4, 2008
                              Smithers Ski Hill and Crater Lake

Nature Vancouver is an ecological organization based in Vancouver, BC. Every summer it runs a camp of interest to outdoor enthusiasts, including botanists and birders. In 2008, the camp was held in Smithers, BC, about 1200 km north of Vancouver. This web page shows some of the scenery and wildflowers we saw in the mountains and meadows around Smithers.

In the morning of Day #1, we were led to the ski hills just south of Smithers by Rosamund Pojar, a local naturalist who had contributed to the well-known flower book listed at the bottom. We were able to drive quite high, to the bottom of the ski lifts, so we did not have to hike far to get to the flowers. Indeed, the flowers started only a few minutes away, and the tree line was reached in less than a half hour -- a gentle ramble through the wildflowers. The WGS84 coordinates of the parking area are 54o 46' 5" North, 127o 16' 48" West.

Please scroll down to see the photos. Click here to see wildflowers of other days of the VNHS Summer Camp.

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Google Earth image of Smithers, showing the ski hills and Crater Lake above.

The Driftwood Lodge, our home for the week, with Hudsons Bay mountain behind.

Photo #   Time       Plant Name
#8365     10:45     Purple Fleabane - Erigeron peregrinus - P. 120

#8381     10:45     Small-flowered Paintbrush - Castilleja parviflora - P. 187

#8384     10:45     Rosamund leading her flock of wildflower enthusiasts up the Smithers Ski Hill.

#8385     10:45     Telkwa Mountains to the south.

#8390     10:45     Alpine Speedwell - Veronica wormskjoldii - P. 195

#8391     10:40     Inky Gentian - Gentiana glauca - P. 216

#8414     10:45     On the plateau looking up to the south peak of Hudsons Bay mountain.

#8418     10:45     Mountain Harebell - Campanula lasiocarpa - P. 222

#8429     10:45     Roseroot - Sedum integrifolium - P. 207

#8444     10:45     Crater Lake at the end of the plateau on Hudsons Bay mountain.

#8460     10:58     Marsh Marigold - Caltha leptosepala - P. 150

#8467     10:58     Mountain Forget-me-not - Myosotis alpestris - P. 218

#8469     10:58     Yellow Mountain-Heather - Cassiope ??? - P. 80

#8482     10:58     Mountain Monkshood - Aconitum delphiniifolium- P. 154

#8478     11:10     Looking east over the Bulkley Valley and the Babine Mountains.

#8521     10:54     Purple Fleabane - Erigeron peregrinus - P. 120

#8525     10:54     Wendy Hutcheon relaxing after the hike.

Many thanks to RP for checking the identification of the plants.
If you know of any other mislabeled plants, please let me know
(please refer to the number above each photo).

Reference pages are taken from:   "Plants of Northern British Columbia", Second edition,
by Mackinnon, Pojar and Coupe. Lone Pine Publishing, Vancouver, BC, 1999.