Autumn Hike to Skyline Divide, Mt. Baker

The following photos were taken during a hike on Skyline Divide on Thursday, September 22, 2005.
The hike was with the GAHC, led by Graham Humphreys and Jeff Roger.
The elevation varied from 4300' at the trailhead, to 6060' on the ridge.
We took 4.5 hours for the 6.5 km return trip, at a very leisurely pace.

As most flowers were long done, it was a time to identify plants from their leaves and seed pods,
and to examine mushrooms, mosses and fungi.

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Photo     Time     Comment
#2329   12:02   Start of the ridge at about 5950 feet.

#2330   12:06   Looking back to the northeast, with the first view of the colourful blueberries.

#2334   12:39   Mountain Harebell - Campanula lasiocarpa - one of the few flowers we saw.   P. 332

#2341   12:48   Mt. Baker (at least the lower half) with colourful blueberries

#2346   12:56   Seed pod of the Yellow Glacier Lily - Erythronium grandiflorum   P. 105

#2351   13:47   Mt. Shuksan from Skyline Divide

#2352   13:58   Looking north to Excelsior Ridge where we hiked last Sunday.

#2358   15:02   Red Fly Agaric - Amanita muscaria
Mushroom (toadstool) by the parking area, about 10 cm high
(just like the ones in Hansel & Gretel, so it must be psychedelic!)

Thanks to Virgibia Skilton for identifying the mushroom.
Please email me if you know the names of plants that I have not named on the web site,
or if any plants are misindentified!      

The reference page numbers are taken from:   J. Pojar and A. Mackinnon,
"Plants of Coastal British Columbia," Lone Pine Publishing, Vancouver, B.C., 2004.