Hike from Chuckanut Drive to Oyster Dome Viewpoint, May 29, 2007

Hike with 9 members of the Garibaldi Amblers Hiking Club, led by David Klassen.
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#1575     10:50     Western Starflower - Trientalis latifolia - P.322 (could be a Northern Starflower). It got its name because the flower stalks are so thin as to be near invisible, making the flowers appear to be floating by themselves, like a woodland star.

#1574     10:38     Do you know what your kids did last weekend?

#1590     11:08     False Solomon's-Seal - Maianthemum racemosa, formerly Smilacina racemosa - P.100

#1591     11:08     False Solomon's-Seal - Maianthemum racemosa, formerly Smilacina racemosa - P.100

#1598     11:16     Pacific Bleeding Heart - Dicentra formosa - P.313

#1597     11:15     Pacific Bleeding Heart with seed pods - P.192

#1606     11:42     Western Trillium - Trillium ovatum - P.102

#1611     12:05     View over the San Juan Islands from the Oyster Dome, our lunch spot.
The three islands are Eliza (very small), Lummi and Orcas (the highest).

#1613     12:06     Great lunch spot!

#1614     12:06     Enjoying the view over lunch.

#1615     12:40     Western Trillium - Trillium ovatum - P.102     The flowers turn pink to purple with age (as we do)

#1617     12:40     Western Trillium - Trillium ovatum - P.102

#1619     12:45     Star-Flowered False Solomon's-Seal - Smilacina stellata - P.100

#1621     12:58     Violet (stream or trailing yellow) - Viola glabella or sempervirens - P.203

#1635     13:39     Siberian Miner's-Lettuce - Claytonia sibirica - P.133

#1642     13:52     Foamflower - Tiarella trifoliata - P.168

#1646     13:55     False Lily-of-the-Valley - Maianthemum dilatatum - P.103

#1652     14:02     Large-leaved Avens - Geum macrophyllum - P.185

#1654     14:07     Our last viewpoint - looking over Samish Island and Anacortes beyond. You can drive here on a gravel road from I-5 (see below).

#1655     14:08     Trailing blackberry - Rubus ursinus - P.78

This map shows the gravel road that leads off Interstate 5, that gives access to the final viewpoint, and saves 380 m of elevation gain, compared to parking on Chuckanut Drive.

Many thanks to Eva Nagy for identifying some of the plants. Please let me know about any other plants that are misindentified!   Surely some are. If you can email the correct ID to me, I'll be very grateful (please refer to the number above each photo).

Reference pages are taken from:   "Plants of Coastal British Columbia"
by Pojar and Mackinnon. Lone Pine Publishing, Vancouver, BC, 2004.