Hiking and Wildflowers in the Barkley Valley, Haylmore Drainage

The following photos were taken during a hike with Judy Bonn to Twin Lakes in the Barkley Valley, D'arcy area, August 31, 2006.
The access road follows the Haylmore North FSR, and you park at 50o 29' 4.3" N, 122o 22' 25.1" W (NAD83).
The destination is at Twin Lakes, 50o 29' 54.5" N, 122o 19' 6.8" W.

The hike took us 7 hours, 40 minutes at a leisurely pace, including lunch.
The distance is 8 km each way and the elevation gain is 910 m.
The hike is quite rewarding as you are only in the trees for the first hour and 15 minutes,
and you are walking through flower-filled alpine meadows the rest of the way.

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Google Earth tour of the hike       Open the .kmz tour with Google Earth (a free program).
Double click on Halymore Hike.kmz, under "Temporary Places" near the bottom of the left-hand "Places" panel.
Select point to start (e.g., Halymore Hike), Play Tour (F10).

Photo         Date         Comment
Haylmore   August 31     Image from Google Earth.
Access is from the road from Pemberton to D'arcy (turn right at the community of Devine)

#6338     August 31     Near the start of the alpine meadows. The destination is in the notch at the upper left.
The trail follows an old mining road up Elliot Creek, then Crystal Creek.

#6341     August 31     Sign near the cabin. The area is maintained by the Cayoosh Recreation Club,
whose members seem to use ATVs and dirk bikes (we didn't see any on a Thursday).

#6348     August 31     Common Red Paintbrush

#6351     August 31     The switchback trail up the Crystal Creek meadow is just visible.

#6352     August 31     Judy Bonn at the cabin.

#6372     August 31     Fan-leaved Cinquefoil - Potentilla flabellifolia

#6376     August 31     A multi-headed Edible Thistle - Cirsium edule

#6380     August 31     A double-headed aster

#6382     August 31     Looking back (Southwest) from the Crystal Creek meadow

#6386     August 31     Seed head of western Anemone

#6398     August 31     A forest of Polystichum scopulinum ferns

#6404     August 31     Arriving at the lower of the Twin Lakes at 2110 m. Too tired to go any further!

#6410     August 31     View of the Joffre/Matier/Vantage/Duke massif from the lake

#6416     August 31     Yellow wonder (monkey flower ???)

#6418     August 31     The lake outlet with evidence of glacier polishing.

#6420     August 31     A stonecrop (sedum)

#6422     August 31     A willow with female flowers

#6431     August 31     View back down the Elliot Creek valley (opposite view to #6340

#6438     August 31     Dried Cow Parsnip

#6440     August 31     If you can tell one aster from another, you're better than me!

Many thanks to Virginia Skilton for supplying her plant identification skills!

Please let me know about any plants that are misindentified! Surely some are.
If you can email the correct ID to me, I'll be very grateful (please refer to the number above each photo)