Botany BC Field Trip to Osoyoos, Morning of Day #2, May 12, 2007

BOTANY BC is an annual meeting of botanists and plant enthusiasts of British Columbia and is open to anyone interested in plants. This web page shows some of the wildflowers we saw on the hillside. Botany BC holds a field trip every spring, often in May. The 2008 field trip will be on Savary Island.     Please scroll down to see the photos. Click here to see wildflowers of other days of the Botany BC field trip.

#0806     08:40     Welcome to the Nk'Mip Desert Cultural Centre!     We stayed at the adjacent Spirit Ridge Lodge and Winery.

On the second day of the field trip, we headed west of Osoyoos on the Crowsnest Highway #3. In the morning, we climbed a hill on the US border and, in the afternoon, we wound our way up the Mt. Kobau road. The Similkameen River flows south to the US border, then eastward into the Osoyoos Valley.

We parked just off the Crowsnest Highway and climbed the Chopaka hill to the east overlooking the Similkameen River. The WGS84 coordinates of the gate are 49o 01' 13" North, 119o 41' 00" West. The elevation varies from 475 to 600 m.

#0810     08:58     How would you like to meet this scorpion as you sat on the campsite biffy?

#0812     09:24     Heading west on Highway #3 towards our morning field trip site - the low hill in the middle.

#0814     09:40     A type of mustard growing in the ditch on Nighthawk Road. Maybe it is a Small Wallflower - Erysinum inconspicuum - P.233

#0817     09:48     Nameless animal in the paddock to the east of Nighthawk Road.

#0818     09:52     Mike Miller, our morning leader on the Chopaka grasslands site - "go right up the hill - my right, not yours"

#0819     10:05     Phlox and Daisies

#0820     10:06     Fine-leaved Daisy - Erigeron linearis - P.119

#0823     10:11     Halimolis whiteii ???

#0828     10:14     Shaggy Daisy - Erigeron pulimus - P.120

#0829     10:21     Thompson's Paintbrush - Castilleja thompsonii - P.169

#0833     10:24     Young Fine-leaved Daisy ??? - Erigeron linearis - P.119

#0835     10:26     Pale Comandra - Comandra umbellata - P.198

#0839     10:48     Short-beaked Agoseris - Agoseris aurantiaca - P.109

#0845     10:57     Round-leaved Alumroot - Heuchera cylindrica - P.266

#0856     11:21     Looking west over the Similkamen Valley from our lunch spot, accompanied by Balsamroot

#0859     11:37     We're in Ponderosa country now.

#0863     12:02     Bitterroot - Lewisia rediviva - P.257

Please let me know about any plants that are misindentified!   Surely some are.
If you can email the correct ID to me, I'll be very grateful (please refer to the number above each photo)

Reference pages are taken from:   "Plants of Southern Interior British Columbia"
by Parish, Coupe and Lloyd. Lone Pine Publishing, Edmonton, AB, 1996.