Drive up to Botany BC from Prince George to Muncho Lake
Tuesday July 14-15, 2009

BOTANY BC is an annual meeting of botanists and plant enthusiasts of British Columbia and is open to anyone interested in plants, serious botanists and amateurs alike. This web page shows some of the wildflowers and plants we saw on the 2009 field trip at Muncho Lake. The next field trip is planned for 2010, at Tofino, BC.

I shared a ride with Allan Hawryzki of Nanaimo. We first drove to Prince George, where we linked up with the rest of the Botany BC group. Then we drove north to Muncho Lake, over 2 days. The photos below were taken during this 2-day trip.

Please scroll down to see the photos. Click here to see wildflowers of other days of the Botany BC Field Trip.

Photo #   Time       Plant Name                                               Reference

#7859     12:40     We stopped to regroup at Bijou Falls, on the Hart Highway.

#7864     13:09     After regrouping at Bijou Falls, Allan and I stopped to see the Powder King ski hill, facing the Murray Ridge of the Hart Mountains. The black dot above the middle structure is a black bear.

#7875     16:58     Our next stop was to see the WAC Bennett Dam on the Peace River

#7884     19:13     The Peace River east of the Bennett Dam.

#7888     11:02     Tall Bluebells - Mertensia paniculata - P. 218.

#7892     11:34     Chamisso's Cotton-Grass - Eriophorum chamissonis - P. 275

#7893     11:53     Tall Jacob's-Ladder at Middle Fork Creek - Polemonium caeruleum - P. 217

#7898     11:57     Alpine Bistort - Bistorta vivipara - P. 198

#7899     12:03     Veronica arvensis or persica

#7901     12:06     Weather station at Middle Fork Creek

#7902     12:07     Tall Larkspur - Delphinium glaucum - P. 154

#7905     12:14     Curly Dock - Rumex crispus - P. 199.

#7908     12:26     Cut-Leaf Anemone - Anemone multifida - P. 149

#7910     12:29     Mountain Blue-Eyed Grass - Sisyrinchium montanum - NIB

#7914     12:43     Diverse-Leafed Cinquefoil - Potentilla diversiflora - P. 166

#7916     12:48     Labrador or Trappers Tea - Ledum groenlandicum or glandulosum - P. 40

#7922     14:15     Trucking up the Alaska Highway.

#7926     18:01     A pretty little blue flower at Summit Lake - who am I?

#7931     18:05     Wild Strawberry - Fragaria virginiana - P. 167

#7933     18:10     The mountain north of Summit Lake, where the Rockies end.

#7934     18:12     Now, does anybody know my name?

#7936     18:13     Northern Goldenrod - Solidago multiradiata - P. 109

#7938     18:17     Summit Lake

#7944     20:02     Rainbow at the Northern Rockies Lodge.

Many thanks to Andrey Zharkikh for checking the identification of the plants.
If you know of any other mislabeled plants, please let me know
(please refer to the number above each photo).

Reference pages are taken from:   "Plants of Northern British Columbia",
by Mackinnon, Pojar and Coupe. Lone Pine Publishing, Vancouver, BC, 1992.