Botany BC, Day #3, Sunday May 19, 2008

BOTANY BC is an annual meeting of botanists and plant enthusiasts of British Columbia and is open to anyone interested in plants, serious botanists and amateurs alike. This web page shows some of the wildflowers and plants we saw on the 2008 field trip in Powell River. The next field trip is planned for 2009, at Muncho Lake on the Alaskan Highway.

In the morning of Day #3, we took a water taxi to Savary Island from the village of Lund (25 km north of Powell River). We were met and guided by Liz Webster of the Savary Island Land Trust. The WGS84 coordinates are 49o 56' 22" North, 124o 48' 39" West.

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Google Earth image of the central part of Savary Island. A "taxi" (aka pickup truck) picked us up from the pier, and drove us to the point, "SI Walk 1", where we started our hike.

Arriving on the Savary Island pier after the water taxi from Lund.

Photo #   Time       Plant Name
#7046     11:13     Common Red Paintbrush   –   Castilleja miniata   –   P.258

#7048     11:15     Vancouver Groundcone beside a Douglas Fir cone   –   Boschniakia hookeri   –   P.354

#7049     11:20     Arriving on the south shore of Savary.

#7052     11:24     Western Coralroot (an orchid)   –   Corallorhiza mertensiana   –   P.119

#7056     11:29     Star-flowered False Solomon's Seal   –   Smilacina stellata   –   P.100

#7060     11:32     Wally Kiel with a Douglas Fir with a strange growth pattern.

#7062     11:34     Pink Microsteris   –   Microsteris gracilis (AC)   –   P.234

#7067     11:41     Contorted-pod Evening-Primrose (yellow) and Sea Blush   –   Camissonia contorta and Plectritis congesta (AC)  –   P.209 and 333

#7070     11:44     Meadow Death-Camus   –   Zygadenus venenosus   –   P.109

#7071     11:46     Bicolor Lupine   –   Lupinus bicolor   –   P.196

#7073     11:48     Common Vetch   –   Vicia sativa (AC)   –   P.193

#7079     12:11     Wall Speedwell   –   Veronica arvensis   –   P.262

#7081     12:15     Blue-Eyed-Grass   –   Sisyrinchium idahoense   –   P.114

#7084     12:17     Salal   –   Gaultheria shallon   –   P.53

#7087     12:38     Finishing our walk on the beach.

#7091     13:44     Arriving back in Lund.

Many thanks to Adolf Ceska (AC) for checking the identification of the plants.
If you know of any other mislabeled plants, please let me know
(please refer to the number above each photo).

Reference pages are taken from:   "Plants of Coastal British Columbia"
by Pojar and Mackinnon. Lone Pine Publishing, Vancouver, BC, 2004.